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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 15, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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about ahead of tomorrow's big storm as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> ♪[music] >> 7:00. it is a beautiful day. take a minute to take a look at your tv screen. i'm sure that steve paulson can explain the science behind the cloud formation. i know this is gorgeous. >> yes. >> and so many people love living here. now we have fire in the sky. taking a look. i think we have one more gorgeous picture to show you. if you're not able to pop your head outside, we are doing it through our series of cameras. this is the last dry day we will see for a little while. it is wednesday, february 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve. >> by this time tomorrow, it will be raining. it is on its way. 70 degrees yesterday. there could be a few upper 60s
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here. clouds are increasing. the rain is a ways off. it won't be moving in soon. here is david downer. thank you, marty. stunning morning. awesome, if you will, from lacksberg. 52 degrees. the rain gear is ready. bring it. i will bring it late tonight and tomorrow. lake oroville has some good news. they need to open the gates up a little more. down 23 feet. i think if they get to 30, they're going to be happy with that. i don't think they will make it to 50. i don't know how the heck that would happen. the heavy rain has a ways to go. you can see it is taking aim at the north coast and the mendocino coast. it's not here yet. it won't until tomorrow. 40s and 50s on your temps. a mild day. mostly cloudy to cloudy to the north. and maybe some partly sunny to
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the south. get ready for rain to move back into the picture for the next seven days. upper 60s for some. sal, 7:02. you would like to start with. >> at the bay bridge. we had medical emergency in one of the far right lanes at the toll plaza. and we had some slow traffic. that would be on your left as you look at the tv screen. it's not affecting traffic. it is already slow. but traffic will be slow for about 20, 25 minutes before you make it on into san francisco. no problems on interstate 880. it is getting slower. 880 and 580 are still good driving into oakland. we have a lot of slow traffic of course on highway 17. i just don't want to -- i want to mention this a lot because we have a lot of slow traffic there. i also want to mention highway 37 still closed on 37 between 101 and atherton avenue.
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7:03. back to the desk. a developing store nissan fran. homicide investigators have been at the scene of a crash since the early morning hours. allie rasmus is there to bring us what you know about the investigation so far. >> reporter: yes. eddie and van ness is the intersection that has been shut down behind us. san francisco police investigators still on the screen. they have been here since early this morning. the tow truck just arrived. it appears they are getting ready to toe away the car involved in the crash. it is the silver suv that you see in the right happened of your scene. you can see where the suv crashed into what looks like a parked vehicle. another red suv that is now pushed up on to the sidewalk, on top of a tree here. the call came in to police at 2:00 this morning about a crash. when they got here, police arrived and found one person in that silver suv suffering from head trauma. shortly afterwards, the person died. we don't know for sure if the head trauma was because of the
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crash or something else. but san francisco police confirmed there was a shooting in this area overnight. now, police couldn't clarify what time the shooting happened or whether it was directly connected to the investigation here. but we do know homicide investigators have been on the scene since the overnight hours. and in the meantime, eddie between van ness and willis is shut down to traffic and pedestrians. we have seen a few pedestrians come out of their apartments and we have asked a few of them if they heard anything, saw anything unusual. so far everyone says they didn't hear a thing and this came as a surprise to them walking out their doors and seeing the scene out here. right now it looks like the tow truck is getting ready to tow away the suv. in the next hour or so, investigators could open up the street. right now eddie and van ness all the way out to willis is shut down to traffic, except for a few residents that are allowed to move their cars out
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of the area and head out. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. thousands of people who were evacuated from below the lake oroville dam are back home now after they were forced to flee that area last sunday. in the meantime, the repair work goes on on the damaged spillway before the next storm hits tonight and tomorrow. alex savidge is here now with a warning for all of the folks who live down river. >> reporter: good morning. the warning is the danger is not necessarily over. they need to be able to leave once again if they are told to. but for now, here is the update i just got from state water officials within the last hour. they tell me the immediate crisis has been contained. but they are still working hard to shore up that damaged emergency spillway that caused all of the problems the last few days. crewed placed large rocks and sand bags on to the dirt spillway in the areas where there was serious erosion. cement is then poured over the
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top of the rocks and the sand to fortify the spillway. this work is going to continue nonstop until wet weather arrives in the area later on tonight. then they will have to shut the operation down. that emergency spillway was used for the first time on sunday. that led to serious concerns about a collapse and concerns about serious flooding downriver. officials are hopeful they won't have to use the repaired spillway again. >> our goal through the next couple months, which is our major runoff months in california is keep the lake level down sufficiently enough to absorb the inflow and not have to activate the emergency spillway again. >> reporter: now, yesterday the evacuation order was lifted for nearly 200,000 people who lived below the oroville dam, along the feather river. many of those people had been staying in various shelters set
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up across the area since they were forced out on sunday. that's when officials were worried that the emergency spillway was about to give way, leading to dangerous flooding. now that evacuees return home, the sheriff is warning people that they may have to leave again and they need to be ready. the damaged spillway is how they're releasing all of the water from lake oroville. that spillway has damage to the concrete lining. but that repair work, that's a long way off. that's not the immediate priority. that repair work i'm told won't happen until the summer until officials can shut off the flow of water entirely to do the repair work. that's not the immediate concern. the immediate concern, the emergency spillway. they are continuing work around the clock and they will work until the move moves in and they can't be out there on the ground. >> alex savidge, thank you. caltrans crews in santa
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clara county are playing a round of beat the clock, waiting for enough light to remove the dirt and debris on highway 17 near scott's valley. the storm that is forecast to come early tomorrow morning could complicate their work. ktvu's christien kafton says that he will have a live report coming up in our next hour. he is there at the scene on 15. crews in marin county are trying to keep water from flooding highway 37. the section between 101 and atherton road is still closed. officials say the current highway work may not prevent all flooding but is designed to reduce how often the road floods throughout storms. if you need to leave us, download our app and get the latest on the current storm, including an extended forecast and the current forecast. president trump is tweeting
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this morning about the leaked conversation about conversations that mike flynn had a russian ambassador leading to flynn's resignation. in one of tweets this morning the president says the real scandal is that classified information is illegally given out by intelligence like candy. very unamerican. as doug luzader reports from washington, the white house is wondering where the leaks are coming from. >> reporter: we're seeing both democrats and republicans talking about investigations now on capitol hill. democrats want to know more about the alleged conversations with russians. republicans want to know more about the leaks. a russian spy ship spotted off of the u.s. coast. a u.s. ship buzzed by russian fighter jets. reports that the russian government is deploying cruise miss he wills to test the trump administration. >> this is done with mr. trump in mind. clearly. they want to see what his
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reaction is. >> reporter: this comes at an awkward time for the white house. just after national security officer michael flynn was forced out after reports that he had misled officials about his contacts with the russian convoy during the campaign. there are records of russian conversations with others close to trump. democrats are calling for a new round of investigations. >> do you hear the silence? this is a sound of house republicans conducting no oversight of president trump. >> reporter: for trump, the larger question has to do with leaks. where is all of this information coming from? are there holdovers from the obama administration in the justice department or the intelligence community who are purposefully leakingwhat could be politically explosive information. >> any time there is a transition in administrations, when control shifts from one party to the other, you will have many employees who might
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be politically motivated to undercut an incoming administration. >> reporter: and all of this as president trump today meeting with israeli prime minister at the white house. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the time is 7:11. president trump meeting with some of the biggest retailers. their concern over a tax proposal and what it could mean for overall prices. we can see that traffic is busy. although it is not raining. obviously that will change later in the week. right now the san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the highrise. thanks to you and you and you and especially you for sending me the sunrise photos. it was a beautiful sunrise. but change is on the way. mom, i'm never going to want it.
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you might if you have kids. all right, let's sell it on letgo. we'll take it. it's time to snap, post, chat and sell. it's time to letgo. >> the time is 7:13.
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top executives are in washington meeting with president trump and the retailers are not happy with some of his plans. pam cook is back with that and money business. >> they are the ceos of some of the biggest retailers. we will talk about that in a second. the retailers are among the stocks to watch this morning. many of them headed higher at the sound of the opening bell. retail sales rose more than expected. much more than analysts expected. for the month of january. as for the indexes, the dow, the nasdaq and s&p 500 once again started in record territory this morning. the s&p 500 down a tiny bit. but the dow and the nasdaq are both up a little bit this morning. president trump is meeting with the executives from eight of the biggest retailers in the country right now. they include the ceos from gap, target, and best buy. the executives are concerned over the president's plan for an import tax. they say it could lead to price increases of 15% or more on the
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products they sell. the ceos worry that consumers will buy less in prices go up that much. of course that drives a lot of the economic activity in the country. retail spending nearly all clothing, shoes, and electronics bought in the u.s. are imported. janet yellen has finished two days of testimony on capitol hill. she told congress that interest rates are likely to be raised in the next few months. but she wouldn't say that would be next month when they meet or later in may or june. she says there are many uncertainties about trump's economic proposal so the feds want to assess the economy before making any moves. she said a rate hike was possible in march but most economists think it will take longer for the president to roll out his ambitious economic proposals and the next increase is likely to happen in june. san francisco has topped the list of a new report on the healthiest cities in the
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country. that report was released by wallet hub. the agency took four factors into consideration to look at the list. health care, food, fitness and green space. now, here are the other top cities that made the top five. salt lake comes after san francisco. followed by scottsdale, arizona; seattle washington, and portland oregon. the most unhealthiest sit see detroit, michigan. and then another note on retailers, american girl, the doll company, they have introduced their first american boy doll. >> oh, boy. so now boys can start glamouring for the $150 dolls. >> yes. you need to get one for your boys. >> they are pricey. >> they are pricey. but the american girl stores are wonderful. they go into history and different cultures and always introduce a new culture when they bring in a new doll. >> i have a feeling that you
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and your daughters have a couple at home. >> we do. >> i thought to. >> thank you, pam. the time is 7:17. bringing sal back. sal doesn't often say traffic is ridiculous. but from santa cruz to san jose, it is ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. since you mentioned that first, dave, i'm going to put it up on a map for you, if i can bring in my maps early because dave said ridiculous and i agree. i'm the one that told him that. i'm not the one that came up with that. i've had several tweets and also e-mails from people who say this commute is ridiculous. it is very, very slow. it has taken an hour to do a drive that should take 15 minutes. the whole thing should take half app hour. it is very slow because of the slide repair. chp told me earlier that people were slowing down to take photos of the slide repairs as they drove by. that is also danger us and slowing traffic. let's go to san jose northbound
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280. slow traffic here. getting up to highway 17. going to see the slow traffic continue all the way up into the valley. we also do have traffic that is going to be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up to the macarthur maze. this is video of earlier this morning when the lights were out on the lower deck of the bay bridge completely. it may look like you're driving in the night. normally we see the bridge here. you might be able to tell a little bit. the bridge lights were also out on the eastern span. the towers were not visible. the lights came back on. now it is light anyway. the drivers didn't slow down at all. they kept going. 7:18. let's go to steve now. >> sal, dave and gasia are talking clothes over here. you never catch us talking sports, do you. >> they weren't talking sports? >> no. thank you, sal. the sunrise photos i cannot
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keep up on those. i understand because we had a beautiful sunrise over the big city. all the way from santa rosa to south san jose and where you live as well. the calm before the storm, if you will. craig, a beautiful sunrise from russian hill. thank you, craig. that is one of the many i received. lake oroville, the lake level is going down. it better go down. we have rain on the way. it is about 870 now. if you didn't notice, the outflow is now around 118,000 cubic feet per second. yesterday it was around 100,000. not 100, a hundred. a hundred thousand. >> right. >> all right. there's your system. it is getting closer but it's not here yet. it is starting to light off off of eureka and fort bragg. but it has a ways to go yet. it is later than sooner. increasing clouds in advance of that. the ridge of high pressure is trying to hold but it will get
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knocked out of here quick. i think there will be intense rainfall rate that's will -- rate that's will move through. this is not just a gentle rain. if you haven't heard, no motorized vehicles are allowed on clearlake for 60 days before the level goes down. the flood warning is out until friday night, almost 8:00. that will probably be updated through the next couple of days. same for the yolo causeway. tremendous amount of water coming into the delta as you might imagine. and a flash flood watch. mainly for out in the delta. there's just water coming from all sources. and it continues to move in. 50s on most of the temps. a few 40s. i would get ready for two systems. interesting that the second system though is actually going to impact southern and central california more than us. the one coming in tonight, it will be a fast mover but it
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will be one that has pretty hefty rainfall rates as well. it starts tonight and tomorrow morning. i would plan on a wet commute. the system is sliding by, sliding by. by the afternoon, it should be gone. watch how the next system comes up from the south on friday. this will be a good rain producer. projections of 12 inches of rain for the canyon river. the weekend looks okay. maybe after early morning rain, the next system doesn't show up until late sunday and monday and into tuesday. four plus for sacramento. 60s on your temps. might be an isolated 70. we had a bunch yesterday. the trend is to bring in the clouds, cool off a little bit and get ready for rain and wind the next couple of days. >> get sleep tonight. >> i will. a spectacular site at yosemite national park. what is creating a lot of buzz on social media.
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>> it is a bacteria that spreads through the urine of infected wild animals. dogs can come in contact with it drinking from a puddle and a pond. >> with the recent rainfall it will wash the bacteria into the lakes, ponds, puddles. that's how our dogs are exposed to it. >> symptoms include a loss of appetite, vomiting and yellowing inside the dog's ears. if caught early enough, the disease can be treated with antibiotics. dog owners have to ask for the vaccine specifically to prevent it. new records show some police officers knew about unsafe conditions at the ghost ship warehouse before last
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december's deadly fire that killed 36 people. they asked for the police incident report and the newest versions include more information than the previous document released last week. the paper says between the middle of 2014 and the deadly fire, police visited the warehouse more than 30 times. the reports show they were called in to deal with reports of child abuse, a stabbing, drug sales, illegal how'sing and other crimes but they did not notify other departments of potential safety problems. other reports indicate the fire department, public works and building department workers also visited the neighborhood more than 200 times. the time is 7:26. 56,000 bridges across the country deemed up safe and in need of repair. we will tell you which overpasses in the bay area made that list. plus -- >> reporter: caltrans crews will be working against the clock trying to clear as much as this mudslide from highway 17 as possible before the next round of rain.
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>> 7:29. take a look at your screen. very slow going on highway 17 through scott's valley. you can see a landslide has covered some lanes there on the northbound side. workers are doing what they can to try to clear the roadway and shore up the hillside because this really is the last dry day we're going to have for several days to come. highway 17 of course has been
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problematic through these weeks of storms. other roads, highway 37 up in the north bay, we could go on and on. we're going to dial in when the rain will start and what that means for new a minute with steve paulson. welcome back to morning morning. it is wednesday, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. we're going straight to steve paulson. no delays. he is right here with your forecast. >> all about the sunrise photos this morning. >> love it. >> tomorrow it will be about the rain. we have the end of our break here. probably come to a close for many by this evening up north and everybody overnight. unedited sunrise photo here in san ramon. i've heard of it. thank you. paul. if you know paul, text him right now. you know that weather guy showed your photo. thank you for all of the pictures to the. lake oroville continues to go down. not a lot but going down. 879.50.
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i think they will get about 25, 26, maybe 30. they were hoping for 50. huh-uh. that's not happening. rain is on the way. won't happen for them until tonight. for most tonight. humboldt county and fort bragg, it is there and getting closer. not here yet. our system for most of the bay area, for my forecast zone won't move in until tonight and tomorrow. the good news, it looks like the system will slide through fast tomorrow. we will get one to two inches of rain. the system will be followed by another one on friday that will come up from the south. there will be heavy rain in southern california on friday. be advised if you're heading down that direction. they won't escape this one. 60s on the temps. all right, sal. 7:31. you have a couple of issues here. do you have something front and center or what. >> we were talking about highway 50 and 80 being open. >> yes. >> i want to show you video taken by some meteorologist
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named mark tamayo. you may have heard of him. he said he was driving along at 3,000 feet and did not see another car for a long, long time. 50 is open but people haven't gotten the word. you and i have gotten tweets about this, steve. but the word is getting out slowly. if you're driving to tahoe right now, 50 is open and all yours, baby. all right. thank you, mark. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up all the way out to the maze. the metering lights are on. we had earlier issues. this is about a standard delay. highway 24 is slow as well. so is 680 from about 242 down to highway 24 and beyond that into alamo. let's take a look at highway 17. we have been focusing on this because it has been a very slow commute on 17. an hour, hour and a half to drive from santa cruz to san jose when it normally takes about half an hour. when we focus in on san jose, all of the freeways are slow.
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now at 7:33, let's go -- actually we're going to go to christien kafton. we're talking about caltrans crews working to get highway 17 ready, pardon me, for the latest round of storms due to hit the bay area just hours from now. we have been tag teaming this story. i said on the air it has been taking a very long time to drive over the hill. >> reporter: yeah. very long time. let's give you a quick view. you can see the amount of traffic here trying to make its way northbound on highway 17. and way in the distance you can see caltrans workers here on scene now getting ready to prepare for another day, trying to clear that mudslide. again, before the rain comes in. the commute taking a long too many right now. we talked with the chp this morning and they say there could be more bad news on the horizon. >> in fact, we have more rain ahead. so we are optimistic that caltrans granite rock is going
7:34 am
to start removing that dirt. but with the weather forecast right now, it doesn't look good. >> reporter: caltrans crews were able to return to work yesterday, bringing in heavy equipment for the first time in nearly a week since the contractor was run over and killed by a dump truck one week ago today. commuters say with more rain in the forecast, they're already planning for the latest storm. >> after the first -- the last few weeks of driving over the hill in the rain watching boulders roll down the hill in front of me, i'll be staying at home. >> reporter: now, from the air you get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. you can see both lanes northbound covered with mud. that mud now hardened after a couple of days of dry weather. so clearing that mud, clearing the debris from that northbound lane is going to be a difficult proposition. coming back to our live shot, you can see what that means for people traveling on highway 17.
7:35 am
one lane of traffic northbound and one lane of traffic southbound. clearly folks are thinking about what the weather means for them for the next couple of days. you heard from the chp officer it could mean more delays out here. we're waiting for the chp officer to arrive out here to try to get the latest and we would like to talk to caltrans to get a progress report how the work is going. we will give you reports throughout the morning. >> thank you, christien kafton. the time is 7:35. geologists are saying miles of west coast beaches are in danger because sea levels are rising. according to the u.s. geological survey, a study of 29 beaches along the west coast, including in the bay area, showed the big quantities of sand were lost during the el nino winter of 2015. it was the worst lost of shorelines since the survey started almost 150 years ago. scientists say the frequency of el nino events will double in
7:36 am
coming years because of climate change. california will have to depend on funding from washington to repair aging infrastructure. a civil engineer report says after years of neglect, it may cost $65 billion a year just to repair and maintain california's roads, bridges and dams. governor brown has proposed investing $43 billion over five years. researchers tell the bay area news group, california needs federal help. while the trump administration has indicated it does want to improve infrastructure nationwide but haven't laid out a plan to pay for it. a new report out revealing almost 56,000 bridges around the country need repair, including several in the bay area. according to the american road and transportation builders association, the busiest bridges on the list include one at alameda at 880 over the
7:37 am
union pacific railroad at san leandro creek. another one in santa clara county at interstate 280 over the lawrence expressway and creek. in contra costa county, over monument boulevard. in san mateo county, highway 101. with the unsafe bridges and mudslides we have been talking about, the question of the day is what is the worst bay area road that you drive on? let us know what you think by posting a comment to our facebook page or tweet us with the hashtag #ktvu. 7:37. we will move back to our continuing coverage of the oroville dam. residents are waking back up in their own homes. repair work continues on the emergency spillway ahead of rain that is expected late tonight and early tomorrow morning. carmen joins us live this morning from oroville. let's start with the situation there this morning. people are back home and stores
7:38 am
are beginning to reopen. >> reporter: this morning it's a situation of a city coming back to life after being evacuated for two full days. while we saw a mass exit on sunday, people rushing to leave, people have been coming in in a trickle overnight and this morning. we spent the morning at dutch brothers. one thing is constant, people need their cover i they have been busy all morning people coming in and out. this is after the mandatory evacuation was listed. there is an advisory that means that people should be aware that they might have to leave again if they decide to come back. whether that's -- they will need to leave again is up to how well the improvements on the dam end upholding out. we know that they said they prevented failure of the emergency spillway and stopped
7:39 am
the hole expansion that was threatening that spillway. that is good news. now, the main spillway has been stable for the last four days. they are using that main spillway to continue to lower the water levels in the dam. trying to get it down to $850. that is 50 feet below the capacity. so they want to have some space to catch the rain water that is supposed to come in starting tomorrow. we talked to residents who have come back. many people that we talked to say despite the fact that they're back in town, they're not feeling too safe. >> we're watching it very, very closely. and no, i did not feel safe. >> i don't know what to believe anymore. like everybody is staying different stuff. so i'm not sure. i have my car packed. >> we came here the day they dumped 12,000 pounds of rock in there. until you start throwing water over that spillway, there's no guarantee. >> reporter: and back out here live, there are two maintaining
7:40 am
aways that emergency officials want people to know this morning. one, the mandatory evacuation lifted but a voluntary evacuation or a evacuation warning is still in place. people need to monitor the situation. the second thing, they are doing everything they can to lower the water levels in the dam in preparation for the upcoming weather. reporting live from oroville. >> the work continues this morning on dropping the rock on to the spillway. >> yes. that work is continuing. they are continuing to try to shore up that emergency spillway. that's the one that was in danger of failing and caused all of this trouble. they're continuing to do that work. as we heard from some of the people near the dam, they feel like they won't actually trust it until they see water coming down it and believe the rocks can actually hold up under the spillway. emergency officials are saying they do believe it is expound they believe they are making a lot of progress on that front.
7:41 am
>> thank you, carmen. >> the time is 7:41. we're following developing news from san francisco where a man lost his life just hours ago. coming up at 8:00, the homicide investigation still underway. also the oakland a's and san francisco giants are in arizona this morning. what they're doing to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. and traffic on one of the most famous bridges in the world which happens to be also a commute way is looking pretty good here. a little windy but nothing major. traffic looks good in marin except for one spot. you know what that is. we'll update you coming up. clouds increasing. look for the cloud cover to thicken up. it will lead to rain later this afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow.
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>> his teammates seem excited and more than ready to start playing. >> creature of habit. every year is its own separate thing. you give it everything that you can and start all over again. >> you show up and you get going. we're ready. >> when the super bowl game ends it's like that's the big trigger. okay. as a manager, you're always thinking about things. >> tomorrow position players report for spring training. the first training game is february 24th. that will be against the cincinatti reds. pitcher and catchers for the oakland a's hold their first
7:45 am
workout in mesa, arizona. the first full squad workout is on sunday. ktvu's joe fonzi is there this morning. we will bring him in for a live report on the 9 as he tells us how players and coaches are feeling about the upcoming season. guess who is on the cover of the sports illustrated magazine cover. kate upton. it is her third time. she is only the fourth woman to get that special honor three times. the others include tyra banks, heidi klum and christie brinkley. elle mac fear son holds the record of five cover appearances. sal, you've had your hands full and no rain to even blame it on. >> wait until tomorrow, gasia, and friday if it is raining and any of these days because of the damage that we already have on the roads from the past storms. let's talk about the bay bridge
7:46 am
toll plaza. traffic is backed up. our spiders are back. some people have pointed it out. there goes a super over the spider. the spider was up on the top. we had the spider super right over it. there you go. let's move along. the directors hate when i do this. westbound 92 as you drive to the san mateo bridge, it's not bad. it hasn't been great. these commutes have been very ordinary. as a matter of fact, if we zoom back from the map i'm going to show you, i'm going to show you the dumbarton bridge. traffic is a little slow. this is ordinary for the commute to get into that area. as we pull back here to the south bay commute, all of the freeways getting into the west valley have been slow. what hasn't been normal and you probably already know it if you're a santa cruz mountain driver is highway 17. highway 17 has been taking a long, long time to get over from the scott's valley over to the summit because of slide repair. you know it will take you longer than normal. 7:47. let's bring steve in.
7:47 am
>> i'm going to echo the words of the chp officer that you spoke to earlier, it might get worse tomorrow. >> it will get worse. >> sal, be advised by that. rain on its way back. front is on its way. the change is beginning to move through. so we had lots of sunshine. 70 degrees temps yesterday. brian sent me this. my first ever from spreckles. i know where that is. thanks to all of you for the sunrise photos. i got to as many as i can. but i have to move along. head them up and move them out. lake oroville at 879.50. alex savidge is going to talk about it. he just got back from there. hold on a minute. we will talk about this. rain is off of the north coast and the mendocino coast. it will take a while here.
7:48 am
late afternoon probably. evening and then overnight into tomorrow morning is when the first system. clearlake if you haven't heard, no motorized vehicles. they passed this for 60 days. lake county sheriff can do that and fish and wildlife but no boats or jet skis on clearlake for 60 days. they have too much water. that is causing problems. a flash flood watch out for the delta for the next couple of days. there's a lot of moisture streaming across. there will be increase rainfall rates. we are not looking for the heaviest rain. the heaviest rain is in southern california and also up to the faith river canyon. timing on this, there could be rain ahead of this. certainly the warm invention could bring in some. tonight, it sweeps through tomorrow morning. the morning commute will be a mess tomorrow. i think there will be moderate to heavy rain. then it goes through. look what happens on early friday. the next system comes up from
7:49 am
south to north. that will sweep through on friday. that will continue into friday night. it does look like a break after saturday morning. so if you have plans saturday after into sunday afternoon, i think you're okay. here is the issue we're dealing with. the rainfall, again, from the thursday and friday. then monday and tuesday is going to approach four plus for sacramento. double that, maybe triple it for the feather river. also up towards ukiah, you will see amounts that are heavy as well. with that in mind, what are we looking at? the spillway. are we looking at the spillway? >> it looks frozen almost. >> it almost looks frozen. >> alex savidge joins us now. you just got back from up there. >> yeah. let's talk about first the emergency spillway. >> yes. >> you were there and they were dumping rocks. what are they trying to accomplish. >> a true sense of urgency. they have the work being done around the clock. they have the dump trucks going nonstop putting the rocks and sand bags in place. they will cover that with concrete. they have been covering it with
7:50 am
concrete to reinforce the spillway. just talked to officials a short time ago. they are hoping -- they're remaining optimistic, that they won't have to use the emergency spillway again. it was used for the first time on sunday. that's when we had the concern about collapse. they're hoping they won't even have to use it again. >> let me be the devil's advocate. we're looking at a foot of rain for the feather river canyon. they know there is tremendous snow pack up above. did anybody talk to you about that? >> you hit -- this is the key point. >> yes. >> the water official i was walking with this morning, there is less concern about the storms coming in starting tonight and through the rest of next week. there's more concern about the -- >> about the snow. >> the long-term, the snow melt and what that is going to do. but the key point here is they're going to releasing this water at well over 100,000 cubic feet per second. they will continue releasing that through the main spillway even as the rain stops to fall.
7:51 am
they are going to continue releasing water at that rapid rate. they feel confident that they will be able to handle the runoff. that remains to be seen. >> the key will be the temperatures when we get to spring. >> yeah. you were talking about that. >> if they stay on the cool side, they will buy time. if not, they're in trouble. there were station that's had 100 inches of precip. we're not even to march yet. >> long-term, you have to keep your eyes on it. >> i'm not a structural engineer or neither are you. >> no. >> if it gets to that emergency again, we're in deep, deep -- >> i would clear out. >> all right. back to dave. is that where we're going. >> yes. >> the time is 7:51. did you hear that actor harrison ford is being investigated by the f.a.a.? a scary incident that happened yesterday involving an american airlines jet.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:54. city of san francisco says there is a brothel just outside of china town. a city attorney wants a judge to close the queens is not enter for a year and auction the inventory. critics have tried unsuccessfully to close the massage parlor for the past six years. it is no forrous for solicitinger another i can activities online. they talked to ktvu not on camera and showed us her
7:55 am
license to operate and says she will fight the allegations. tonight 11 san francisco police officers will be honored for their brave re. two of the officers will get the department's highest honor, the gold medal of valor. oliver alman helped capture a suspect that killed a fellow officer. both officers say they're surprised and humbled to get these awards for what they say is just doing their jobs. with many people feel priced outside of the high cost of housing in the bay area, creating new housing is a top priority for leaders in the biggest cities in the regions. gasia mikaelian talked to oakland mayor shaft and talked about her priorities. >> my goal for 2017, 4500 new units of housing even completed or in construction. >> where are those going to go?
7:56 am
your city is packed tight. >> we have the room for more density. we have surface parking lots in our downtown right next to bart stations. we can afford to go taller. that's part of urban living. of urban living. >> and you can see more of gasia's interview with the mayor in the next hour of mornings on 2. there may be delays at san francisco international airport on weekends beginning next month. one of the two longest runways referred to as 28 left are going to be repaved. the work will only be done on weekends and mostly during the overnight hours. the project will also include upgraded runway lights and a new taxi way running parallel to the run bay. the runways at the nation's busiest airports have to be repaved just about every ten years. n years. the f.a.a. is investigating famed actor harrison ford because he landed his plane in the wrong place at john wayne airport in orange county. investigators say on monday, ford landed his plane on a taxi
7:57 am
way used by the airlines. that's a safety violation. their report says that ford flew over an american airlines jet with 116 people on board. then he asked air traffic controllers if there was supposed to be a boeing 737 beneath him. now, harrison ford is not commenting right now. he's had at least three other problems while flying. the most serious one was two years ago. he was hurt after crashing his single engine plane on a golf course in santa monica. the time is 7:57. time now to check in with mike and gasia. >> thank you, dave. a homicide in san francisco. what we are learning about the victim as the investigation is now underway. also sure to be a busy weekend in the sierra because of the long holiday weekend. we will take a look at the road conditions ahead of tomorrow morning's storm. good morning. we have traffic that is still very busy on this busy part of the commute. 101 doesn't look bad here on
7:58 am
80. 101 at the 80 split, i should say, getting out to the lower deck of the bay bridge. well, clouds are continuing to increase. it will lead to rain. not for a little bit later. we have some breaks here. get ready for rain into tomorrow and friday as well. in our suvs,
7:59 am
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8:00 am
>> one person found dead overnight after a car crash in san francisco. the investigation that is now underway. >> evacuation orders have been lifted near the oroville dam. the concern that still remains for people just returning home before the next round of rain. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
8:01 am
>> and a live picture on this wednesday morning from san rafael. looking toward the bay. high clouds starting to roll in as the new storm is brewing out in the pacific getting ready to blow through the bay area. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, february 17th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. this is the last dry morning we're going to have in a while, isn't it, steve. >> at least for the next two days. there may be a break saturday morning until sunday night. things are changing fast here, gasia and mike. the cloud cover coming in after yesterday sunshine and 70 degree temps. now the rain returns late wednesday into thursday morning. then we will probably get a break. a lot of sunrise photos here is one from julie. that was over santa rose this morning. thanks. clouds continue to increase. starting to thicken up a little bit. the rain is moving in just around fort bragg north. again, have to keep an eye on thing for clearlake. a flood warning out there.
8:02 am
bursts of moderate to heavy rain. some of the rainfall rates could be intense. the system won't sweep through until tonight or tomorrow. cloud cover will move in and then we usher in the rain later on. today is our last break here as we look at off and on rain. 60s for the temps. upper 60s. sal, 8:02, what do you see. >> we found a reason for the dark bay bridge. at least caltrans is saying that they know that it did happen. and these are the pictures to show it earlier this morning we had someone driving on the bridge with the lights out. so they told us that they know that the lights came out. they restored them. but i guess they haven't figured out exactly why. they have narrowed it down to a couple of things that they suspect. they don't know why the bridge lights were out. caltrans is on the problem. they were able to restore the lights. who knows if it will be a problem again.
8:03 am
you hate that when you can't figure out what caused it because it could happen again. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. towards the macarthur maze. the traffic is taking almost an hour. it is a little more than it was yesterday to drive this stretch. once you get to the bay bridge, you will see traffic backed up for another 15 to 20 minutes getting into san francisco. i also want to mention the traffic on highway 101 is a little bit heavier these days. 37 has been closed of course between atherton avenue and highway 101. that has put a lot of strain on the side roads. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow a developing story out of san francisco where police are at the scene of a homicide investigation near eddie and van ness. allie rasmus is joining us live this morning with more on the story from the scene. allie. >> reporter: police confirmed this is a homicide investigation, a shooting that happened involving a victim who was driving an suv on eddie street between van ness and franklin. what you're seeing behind us is one of the vehicles that this
8:04 am
suv crashed into. this is a red toyota that had been parked on the side of the street when this -- the victim of the shooting was shot. and police say he has head injuries consistent with a gunshot wound. when this victim was shot, he apparently then crashed into this parked vehicle. now, the victim's suv was towed away a short time ago. now they're getting ready to tow away this vehicle that the victim crashed into. we talked to the owner of that vehicle a short time ago. she said she did not hear any loud noises, any gunshots when this happened apparently between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. she woke up to police banging on her door and explained what happened. >> we're going to lower it down as much as we possibly can. >> reporter: i apologize. that is the wrong sound. the woman who owns the red car, we can show you to her right
8:05 am
here. she explained that she didn't hear anything. she didn't hear any gunshots or any sort of crash. she said she is unfortunately not surprised that -- to hear about something like this happen. she says she has been in a -- she has experienced some crime in this area in the past. but, again, police investigating this as a homicide. they don't have any description of the victim to give us. all we know is that the man driving an suv around 2:00 this morning. and that's when police arrived. he has suffered from head trauma and they are investigating it as a shooting that happened early this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. operators at the oroville dam believe the main spillway will hold up. it is strong enough to release more water before tonight's storm. thousands were ordered to evacuate finally spent the night back at home. alex savidge has the latest on the threat. >> the threat has lessened in the area. they are not out of the woods
8:06 am
yet. we got an update from state water officials. they are feeling cautiously confident about the integrity of the damaged emergency spillway in case it has to be used again. they are hoping that will not be the case. crews worked throughout the night placing rocks and sand bags into the area of this dirt spillway that were quickly eroding on sunday. cement is being poured over the top of the rocks and sand to fortify the spillway. that work has been happening nonstop ever since sunday. it will continue nonstop up until the storm arrives in that area and the rain beginning to fall tonight. the emergency spillway was used for the first time on sunday and led to serious concerns about a collapse. because the erosion was creeping up to the concrete lip of the spillway. water officials right now are hoping to lower the lake level enough that they will not have to use that repaired spillway again. ay again. >> we're going to lower it down as much as possible.
8:07 am
and looking at the forecast to make sure that that emergency spillway doesn't have to be used. that's not a guarantee. mother nature is a fickle person. and water is a very destructive force. >> yesterday good news for nearly 200,000 people who were evacuated below the oroville dam along the feather river. they were allowed to return home. the evacuation order had been lifted. many people had been forced from their homes on sunday, late in the day on sunday. they were staying in shelters because state water officials feared that emergency spillway might give way. that could lead to dangerous flooding downstream. even as evacuees return home, the butte county sheriff is warning those people that they could have to leave again. they need to remain cautious. some people who live downriver are packing their cars and staying prepared. >> i'm not going to take another chance. i'm not going to feel stranded without stuff. especially having a child.
8:08 am
>> and remember here what we have been focusing on is the emergency spillway. and that's the one that caused so much concern this weekend. there is also damage to that main spillway, the one you're looking at here. this is how they are releasing the water from the lake. this concrete lined spillway also has damage. but that main spillway, they won't be able to repair that until this summer when state water officials can shut off the flow of water from lake oroville entirely to get in there and get a look at the damage and do those repairs. that's the long-term. that's down the road. in terms of the emergency spill way, state water officials say the immediate crisis has been contained. people are back home now. but oroville dam will certainly be put to the test, you guys, by this next round of rain and then all of the runoff we will get over the next few months. >> we had a couple long days there, alex. i report your report then and this morning. >> thanks. >> housing crime and the oakland raiders.
8:09 am
>> it is part of our series of interviews, i sat down with the oakland mayor shaft. what she has to say about her goals for oakland in 2017. good morning. we see traffic that is getting better in some areas but slow in others. we will wreak it down for you straight ahead. i hope you enjoyed the 70 degree weather yesterday. it will be warm and mild today. but a lot more rain on the way.
8:10 am
8:11 am
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8:12 am
>> i remain focused. >> my interview with oakland mayor schaaf happened the same day that the las vegas mogul announced he was pulling out of a deal to bring the raiders to las vegas. >> vegas is not over. but believe me, oakland is not over either. >> ment fear 2017 could be the year that oakland loses the raiders. the team owner mark davis wants a new stadium. mayor schaaf refuses to use
8:13 am
public money to subsidize one. >> i am willing to lose this team if the public money is the issue. >> she is working with an investment group headed by ronnie lott to finance a new stadium in oakland. it is a plan she hasn't presented directly to davis. >> when is the last time that you talked with mark davis? >> you know, mark has been very focused on las vegas. he has purposely not been in communication with oakland this year. that is out of his respect and commitment to nevada. at the same time, he did designate an agent to be in conversation with oakland. but we've been very focused more directly with the nfl. >> mayor schaaf says she hears from oaklanders still upset over the use of taxpayer dollars in the deal that brought the team back from los angeles in 1995. and from those who want her to do anything to keep the raiders. even her mother is a die hard raiders fan. but mayor schaaf is keeping her cool. >> born and raised in oakland,
8:14 am
you're able to not getty motional about the raiders. >> listen, i have passions about everything. but my job is to stay focused. >> mayor schaaf is staying focused on public safety. violent crime has dropped 30% over the last three years. residential burglaries have been cut in half. >> i want to keep that going. i have by no means satisfied where we are. we had the safest year last year since 2005 but we have to get safer. building up the police department and then doubling down on prevention and intervention. intervention. >> another goal is to improve oakland's infrastructure by repaving roads and building more housing in what has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. >> does it blow your mind that three bedroom one bathroom home rents for $3,000 a month. >> it blows my mind. the fact that oakland has become so expensive so quickly blows my mind. >> the mayor is trying to
8:15 am
reverse several decades of regional inattention, pointing to the fact that the bay area added half a million jobs but not enough housing. >> my goal for 2017, 4500 new units of housing either completed or in construction. >> where are those going to go? your city is packed pretty tight. >> you know, we have the room for more density. we have surface parking lots in our downtown right next to bart stations. we can afford to go taller. that's part of urban living. >> finally, oakland has a new police chief. kirkpatrick comes from chicago. she wants to see a rebuilding of trust between officers and the community. officer a year that saw a number of officers caught up in a teenage sex scandal and a revolving door the at police chief's office with three people in the top spot over nine days, the mayor hopes that 2017 will be the start of a new
8:16 am
culture for the police department itself. >> i want this to be the last external chief hire i ever make. we have tremendous talent and dedication within the oakland police department. and part of her job is to mentor that up and prepare the next generation of leaders. ion of leaders. >> the chief's first day on the job is february 27th. >> oakland raiders. she didn't seem too fired up about it. she wants them to stay. get on the phone and talk to davis. >> she hasn't had direct talks with him as she said. she is torn between so many people want her to do anything to keep the team here. there are others who aren't in football and don't like the raiders and don't want to use the silty money that won't improve schools and roads. >> we talked about education within the city. what is her take on -- >> huge. >> the state of the unified school district. >> ousd is looking for a new superintendent. she doesn't have a say who gets
8:17 am
chosen but she is into what they calls the oakland promise. it started a couple years ago to ensure that all oakland students graduate from high school equipped were what they need in college and trade school on the job. so really lifting up all of ousd. a lot of families choose to leave oakland for middle school and high school because there aren't that many great options and she wants to change that as well. >> excellent interview. >> thank you. >> looking forward to the next week. >> next week is san jose mayor. >> keep them coming. let's check in with salon that wednesday morning commute. good morning, sal. >> good morning to you. traffic has been slow in the bay area. in you're trying to get over to highway 50 and highway 80, interstate 80 and highway 50 up to the sierra, we have good news. highway 50 and 80 have reopened. you can get up there. joining us on the phone is mark tamayo, our meteorologist. mark, you have been driving up to 50. i saw a picture you sent me
8:18 am
earlier. there are not a lot of people on the road. >> reporter: yeah. i think -- good morning, sal. people don't know yet. we have been planning this trip up to tahoe over the past few days to work on a story. and we were planning the southerly route going through jackson when we heard that highway 50 was closed. we were set to do that.  unfortunately it adds an hour travel time. and i woke up this morning and checked the caltrans site and it said that 50 was open. so we left oakland at about 5:30 this morning. and we are already at sierra tahoe. you saw in the picture, i think we counted about two cars in a matter of ten minutes on 50. and as you know, it's a very busy road. obviously people are still trying to -- are still learning about the reopening. so great news. >> that's right. 50 and 80 have reopened. another question i want to ask you, people driving up may not even notice the areas have been repaired. caltrans did such a good job.
8:19 am
nothing to see here. just move along, right. >> reporter: exactly. our plan, i thought there would be a huge site. you could pull over and shoot video for you guys. it is so cleansed up right now you can't even tell. we missed it. in fact we totally missed it. that's around the 12 mile stretch with three different slides and everything else looks like it is buttoned up and ready to go. there's a lot of water going down the hillside. the threat of mudslides a reality. still so much water coming down that is somewhat of a concern. great news this morning. smooth travel. a real smooth travel up in the mountains. >> mark tamayo, thank you very much. mark and all of our meteorologists will be following this story because more weather is expected as you know and that may affect roads again. right now 50 and 80 are open. let's go back to the bay area where we can see the traffic at the toll plaza is still very heavy all the way out to the maze. that's estimated 20 to 25
8:20 am
minute delay here coming into san francisco. no major problems by the way if you're driving in marin. but highway 37 remains closed between 101 and atherton avenue. we have traffic that will be busy on 101 heading down to san rafael. at 8:20, let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> i think what mark said, there is a lot of water coming down out of the mountains. the snow level is going to go up to 7,000 and come down. that will continue to be an issue not only up in the mountains but around here locally, especially highway 17. the system is on the way. pushing in high and mid level clouds. low clouds as well. we had warm temps yesterday. today mostly cloudy. rain is on the way. some of it might start earlier. the main bulk not coming in late tonight and tomorrow morning. then it will be windy thursday and friday. then we get a break after saturday morning until monday. monday's system looks very strong. in fact there could be really heavy rain up in the feather
8:21 am
river canyon stretching from sacramento county and the north bay and marin county. that is on monday. the lake level is above 879 feet. they're down 23-plus feet. it is going down three or four inches an hour. now a lot of this is lifting north. if you're up in mendocino up to northern california and i think throughout mendocino county and lake county, lake county has its own issues with clearlake. the flood warning until friday. there is deep moisture here. i think the jetstream and the low level jet is going to enhance this moving through. the flood warning continues to almost 8:00 friday night for clearlake. same for the yolo causeway. a flash flood watch out for much of the delta. 50s on the temps. 56 at sfo. the cloud cover will cool us off. the breeze picks up. friday looks like a windy day. the bulk of the precip on the
8:22 am
friday system may be in central and southern california. it will be rather windy here. no way around here it here. over the next seven days here in the bay area 2 to 7 should cover it. i have seen in the next seven days a foot of rain over the faith river canyon. look at ukiah. approaching six inches of rain. double that for some in the mother load and higher elevations. the situation looks to be a little dicey going forward over the next seven days. temperatures will be in the 60s. and then tonight, if not even this afternoon, north bay could get rain. tonight starts to move south. everybody will be in it on thursday. there will be a break on the weekend. monday's system looks strong to me. >> thank you, steve. we're ready for it. >> new questions about contacts between the russians and president trump's campaign aide. next the questions surrounding where the leaks are coming from and the response from president trump on twitter.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> there's more fallout this morning after the resignation of michael flynn for his reported improper conversations with a russian ambassador. democrats object capitol hill are calling for an investigation between flynn and other trump administration officials with the russians. while republicans including the president say they want to know the source of the leaked information. >> any time there's a transition in administrations,
8:26 am
particularly when control shifts from one party to the other, you will have many employees who might be politically motivate today undercut an incoming administration. >> while all of this is going on, a russian spy ship was reportedly spotted off of the east coast of the united states. also a u.s. destroyer in the black sea was buzzed by russian fighter jets. and a trump administration official says that russia deployed missile in violation of an arms control treaty. president trump tweeted this morning about russia investigations and leaks. there were about six of them within an hour. the last one came just three hours ago and the president said the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by intelligence like candy. very un-american. >> president trump is mezing with the israeli prime minister at the white house today. he is set to arrive at the white house a half an hour from
8:27 am
now. the two leaders will take part in a joint news conference. that is coming up on the 9. the president met with executives from eight of the biggest u.s. retailers including ceos from gap, target, best buy and joanne fabrics. they're concerned about the president's plan to institute a new tax on imports. that tax could lead to price increases of 15% or more in the stores and consumers could stop spending on shoes, electronics as a result. the import tax accounted bring in enough to cut corporate taxes. 56,000 bridges across the country deemed as unsafe and in need of repair. we will tell you which overpasses in the bay area made the list. work is now underway here on highway 17 trying to clear this massive mudslide before another round of rain hits the bay area.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> 8:30. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, february 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. let's bring in steve paulson right now. the clouds are starting to roll in, steve. >> they are. the rain is on the way. low clouds, high clouds. yesterday was nice with 70 degrees temps. rain returning later to the north. starting to move in points north. it goes not only thursday and friday. then we should get a break on the weekend. it looks like a strong system with heavy rain on monday. lake oroville continues to go three to four inches per hour. they excited 900 feet on sunday. now at 879.02. they are making progress down
8:31 am
23 feet. but, you know, originally they wanted 50 feet. that's not going to happen. maybe they will get to 30 before the rain moves in. you can see intense line along parts of the coast. that's a sign of things to cup. the heaviest rain will be to the north. we have to wait later on. deeper system back here late tonight and tomorrow morning. i would plan on a wet commute tomorrow morning. maybe even for some some rain moving in for the evening commute as well. the main focus is later tonight. clouds are on a move and the pattern change again. we had a break but it is coming to an end. sal, 8:31, what do you have. >> traffic on highway 24, steve, that will be busy as you drive to the tunnel. kind of a late commute. but still a little bit busy in lafayette and orinda as you drive over to the tunnel and on the other side in oakland, slow traffic. again, this is looking normal. today we will take normal. we don't like anything out of the ordinary. to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is kind of normal
8:32 am
there. backed up to the maze. the metering lights are on. highway 37 remains closed. the rest of marin traffic looks okay. we talked about highway 24 and 680. 80 begins to slow after highway 4 on the way down to berkeley. caltrans crews are hoping to beat the next round of rain to hit the bay area just hours from now. they're trying to clear highway 17 where a mudslide closed half of the road. christien kafton is live in scott's valley where crews just finished their safety check. safety check. >> reporter: yeah, sal. now work is getting underway on highway 17. you can see the traffic in the area going north and southbound on 17. one lane in each direction. beyond that is the slide that we're talking about there covering the two northbound lanes of 17. it's going to be a long day of work. crews hoping here to clear as much of that mud as possible before the next round of storms roll in. now, crews will be starting from the top of the slide we're
8:33 am
hearing because clearing the bottom can cause more of that hillside to come crashing down. we are expecting tree work to get underway here any minute. then the long difficult job of trying to clear the mud. more rain as you heard steve say due in tomorrow. and already the chp is advising anyone who can avoid highway 17 to avoid it. >> we are up against the gun with the weather. this stops when the rain starts again. we have to get as many hours as we can in before the rain starts. >> reporter: from the air you get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. caltrans crews were able to return to work yesterday bringing in heavy equipment for the first time in nearly a week since a contractor was run over and killed by a dump truck one week ago today. many commuters say they will stay home to avoid the commute along highway 17. you can see how it has to creep along in particular as traffic comes through that northbound
8:34 am
lane going at a very slow pace. they're asking anybody who comes through the area to bring their patience. one more note from chp. they had isolated reports of people trying to document this slide with their phones as they're driving. clearly not a safe situation. the only thing that is separating the north and southbound lanes are the cones. they absolutely say that they need everyone who is driving to pay complete attention to the road, not their phones. >> we see that time and time again. not just on 17. thank you. the time is 834 being credit. many of the 188,000 people who live near the oroville dam and were evacuated are back home this morning after the evacuation order was lifted. they may be happy to be back but some families have already packed up for another possible sudden evacuation. officials are warning residents to say vigilant. operators of the dam say the reservoir is emptying fast enough to handle the rain that
8:35 am
will arrive tonight. the reservoir level is at 879 feet. president trump has issued two special declarations to help california deal with the storm damage. first is an emergency declaration for the oroville dam authorizing fema and homeland security to coordinate relief efforts. as we reported on the noon news yesterday, the white house spokesman sean spice era announced the administration is watching the oroville situation. the second declaration is a disaster declaration from the mudslides and flooding last month. that does include most of the bay area. federal and state agencies are teaming up to watch the effects of california's storms. officials met in oakland at a fema center. fema, the epa and the department of health and human services were among the agencies in attendance. fema has sent supplies to relief shelters. you may be surprised to see all of the unique animals left behind by the emergency
8:36 am
evacuation orders. the chp posted these pictures of the animals rescues. they included zebras, mini deer and a kangaroo. a large property owner took in the animals following the evacuation. we will have a live report from oroville as residents return home. geologists say miles of west coast beaches are in danger as sea levels rise according to the u.s. geological survey. it includes the bay area. it shows that lark quantities of sand were lost during the winter of 2015. it was the worst loss of shoreline since surveys began 150 years ago. scientists say the frequency of el nino events will double in coming years due to climate change. california will have to lean on washington to help upgrade the state's aging infrastructure. a civil jerries report says that after years of neglect, it could cost $65 billion a year just to repair and maintain the
8:37 am
state's roads, bridges and dams. governor brown has proposed investing $43 billion over five years. researchers say that california needs federal help. the trump administration says it wants to improve infrastructure nationwide but has not laid out a plan to pay for it. many bridges across the country are in dire need of repair including several here in the bay area. 9 busiest local bridges on that list include one in alameda county at 880 over the union pacific railroad at san leandro creek. another at 280 over the lawrence expressway and creek. contra costa county, interstate 680 over monument boulevard. and in san mateo county, highway 101 over the creek. so with the unsafe bridges we just reported on, mudslides that we have been showing you
8:38 am
and potholes everywhere, we will move to the question of the day. what is the worst bay area road that you drive on? post a comment on facebook or tweet us using the hashtag tvu. bart is already asking voters to support a toll hike on the seven local bridges owned by the state. transit agencies get some funding from bridge tolls so bart and transit systems are asking the state to increase tolls anywhere from $1 to $3. that could push bridge tolls as high as $9. drivers and bart riders we talked with this morning said they're not so sure that's a good idea. >> bart needs the money. they definitely need to improve their system. but it dishart ins me that they want to go after bridge tolls. that will put more traffic for people who can't afford the increase on bart. >> it costs me about $13 to get into work with parking and tolls. and with how many people ride
8:39 am
on bart, i don't know, i feel like that's a lot of money. they should be able to figure out how to make it work. >> bart hopes it would get as much as one third of toll increase that voters approve. it needs the money to buy new train cars. that would cost more than one and a half billion dollars. more fallout from the winter storms. we will talk live with the u.s. coast guard about the debris found in the bay stemming from the recent rains. and still slowing out there in the east bay. i should say here in the east bay on westbound 24 as you drive through lafayette. there's a lot of debris coming through the delta because there is so much water coming down. we had a break. but that is about to end. more rain and snow is on the way for the next six, seven days.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> the time is 8:42. getting around has been problematic. tomorrow will be worse because we're expecting rain again. >> that's right. right now we are looking at traffic that is relatively calm. it hasn't been raining or anything. we will see slow traffic any way on 880 northbound as you drive from oakland, san leandro from the southern part of oakland san leandro all the way up to the downtown part of oakland. most of this is slow.
8:43 am
580 is slow as well. driving from the san leandro area to lake shore. bay bridge backed up for still a 15 to 20 minute delay except if you're coming in on the carpool lanes. one of the slowest commutes obviously is highway 17 through scott's valley. not a lot of improvement there. you heard the chp officer telling us earlier that traffic remains heavy throughout the entire morning because all the traffic is narrowed down to one lane. at 8:43 let's to steve. >> we need to get the word out now. tomorrow it will be raining during the morning commute. santa cruz mountains, start thinking about that now. >> okay. >> we do have some clouds increasing rapidly. low and high clouds. the system is getting closer. rain in the north bay after yesterday. sunshine and 70 degree temps. mild in the santa clara valley along with the south breeze. get ready for a change. carlos takes wonderful
8:44 am
pictures. dark clouds coming in from the north. they are indeed. a sign of things to come. rain returns later this afternoon. certainly to the north. it's already there for some. for the bay area later today. not only thursday but friday. it looks like a break for most of the weekend. and then a strong system rainfall-wise on monday and tuesday. lakerlake oroville is down to 879. there is rain on the way. there are projections of 12 inches of rain over the next several days. there is also snow pack up there. rain moving in on the mendocino coast. some of that will be moderate to heavy over highway 101. the main front is back here. it will take a while to get here. in advance of it, it is very mild. i mean we're getting the south wind. mid-50s. another mild day. almost tropical. but more clouds and not as much
8:45 am
sunshine. and then the rain will start to move in later this afternoon and tonight and then sweep through the entire area tomorrow morning with another system coming up from the south believe it or not from the south/southwest on friday. that will linger early saturday. 60s on the temps. again we had the break. we needed the break. now we need to focus in on rain and wind. that could cause more issues. >> the coast guard is issuing a debris warning for the san francisco bay. a lot of debris was pushed into the bay and it is becoming a danger for boaters out there. >> thanks for joining us, lieutenant. what are you seeing in the water these days? >> good morning. of course we're seeing increased debris with the rain and the higher water levels producing faster currents. we're seeing more debris in the water. we really encourage boaters out there to make sure that the vessels are secure. make sure that small craft are
8:46 am
secure. kayaks and canoes. make sure that is secured. that drifts downstream and becomes a hazard to other boaters. >> when you say debris, is this naturally occurring stuff or trash left behind by people making its way into the water or both. >> both. it could be either. there are logs in the water. there are small crafts that break free. the faster currents can produce the debris coming down the river at a faster pace than you typically see. that's why we encourage anyone who lives along the water to make sure that the boats and that gear are secured so they avoid becoming marine debris. >> lieutenant, i was driving across the san rafael bridge and i saw the debris by alcatraz is this coming from san pablo and into san francisco. >> i can't speak much to that.
8:47 am
it seems to be coming from the north. >> any reports with regards to damage to boats yesterday out there on the bay because of the debris? >> you know, i can't speak too much to that. but we're just -- we're just remaining on the alert. our job in the coast guard is to make sure and ensure the safety of multi use navigational water way. that's why it is important that boaters if they see a hazard out there to contact the coast guard to put out a safety broadcast so other boaters are aware of this hazard and can avoid it. >> finally lieutenant, is this unprecedented over the last several years? we were in drought for five years. this is the first heavy rain we're getting. have you seen something like this before or no. >> you know, i can't really speak too much to that. we kind of just -- we kind of just address it as it comes. and right now we're just ensuring the safety of mariners out there.
8:48 am
>> nothing to do with the debris. there is no removal of it? it just floats in the bay. >> our job is to ensure the safety. that's why we encourage boaters to notify the coast guard of the debris. another agency does the removal. we want to make sure that we're aware of it and advise other boaters out there to avoid it. >> lieutenant megan murvart. thank you for taking the time. e. >> the time is 8:48. after 7 3á 1 years american girl isn't just for girls anymore. how they're adding diversity starting tomorrow. stay with us.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> yosemite national park, every year for two weeks in the month of february, horse taillights up. it makes the water fall shine orange and red, making it look like fire. popular on social media for the past few years. the water fall is bigger than
8:51 am
it has been in for a long time because of the rain and snow we have seen. an american girl doll that is not a girl. >> a lot of stocks to watch. which is where i'm going to start because we have talked about the retail executives talking with president trump. the wall street definitely looking at the retailers this morning. many headed higher at the sound of the opening bell. retail sales actually numbers coming out this morning. they rose much more than expected, than analysts were expecting in january. we're watching as some of the top executives are meeting with president trump. not happy about some of his tax policies and imports. as for the indexes, they're all up. everything the plus side is new record territory across the board. here is a live look at the dow jones up almost 70 points. up another third of a percent. the nasdaq is almost at 5800. it's at 5794.
8:52 am
the s&p 500 is also at 2340. it's up about .15%. for the second straight day, the federal chair is in washington discussing the state of the economy. today she is appearing before members of congress. yesterday senators asked her about president trump and the economic impact of the tax reforms. and she says the federal reserve needs to raise interest rates sooner rather than later and delay an increase could result in a recession. after 31 years, american girl introduces american boy. mattel has named the boy dog logan everett. he is a drummer that comes with a set of drums. mattel owns american girl now. sales surged following the introduction of a diverse doll selection. the company will release a korean american character and a hawaiian character tomorrow. you may not be surprised to hear that your office is spying on you, right? there are surveillance cameras everywhere. but you might be surprised to hear about what kinds of
8:53 am
information the new cameras and sensors are tracking. some are made to be installed actually in the cubicles and other work spaces. others are on your id badge and have the capability to know when you leave your desk how late you are for work and how long someone goes without speaking to another coworker. proponents claim devices make the workplace safer and more efficient. they can adjust the lighting based on the number of people in an office. opponents say it invades privacy of workers. it is interesting according to the national work rights institute, legally employers can do any kind of monitoring they want in the workplace as long as it doesn't involve the restroom. >> oh. >> i was kind of surprised to learn that. >> you're here. it's the company. it's not your personal space. >> right. >> and so. >> you're here to do a job. do it. >> right. >> today we have been reporting that president trump will host the israeli prime minister at the white house. they will hold a news
8:54 am
conference any minute from now. when it begins we are going to bring it to you live. >> large crowd in the room there. the white house says restarting the mideast peace process high priority for the trump administration. other topics expected to be addressed here by the two leaders include israeli settlement construction, iran and a potential move of the u.s. embassy. again as soon as it begins we will listen in for a bit. more than 30 visits by police in the past year but they failed to report potential safety violations.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> the time is 8:56ment oakland officials released new records showing some police officers knew about unsafe conditions at the ghost ship warehouse before the deadly fire that killed 36 people.
8:57 am
the east bay times asked for police incident reports and the newest versions include more information than in a previous document release. the paper says between the middle of 2014 and the warehouse fire in 2016 police visiting the warehouse more than 30 times. they were called in to deal with reports of child abuse, a stabbing, drug sales and other crimes. they did not notify other departments of potential safety problems. the newspaper says other reports indicate the fire department public works and building department workers also visited the neighborhood more than 200 times. police from oakland and berkeley are investigating an armed robbery targeting a pedestrian. it happened on piedmont off. a berkeley officer spotted the get-away car that led to a brief chase into oakland where the suspects crashed into one parked vehicle. the two men then ditched the car at oak grove and forest street in oakland and were seen running through backyards. we are still waiting to hear back from police on whether any arrests were actually made.
8:58 am
veterinarians in san francisco have a new warning for dog owners. after six confirmed cases of an infectious disease that can become deadly. two dogs have died. one this past monday and another in january after being infected. the bacteria spreads through the urine of infected wild animals. dogs can come in contact with the bacteria drinking from puddles and ponds. >> with the recent rainfall it will wash it into the lakes, ponds, puddles. that's how our dogs are exposed to it. >> symptoms include loss of appetite, muscle tenderness. if caught early enough it can be treated with antibiotics. it is preventible but dog owners have to ask bore it specifically. if you're flying out of sfo in the next couple of months, your flight may be delay.
8:59 am
there will be repaving on the runways. it is expected to continue through late spring. that's because the runway will be getting more than new asphalt. it includes upgraded runway lights and a taxi way parallel to the runway. harrison ford known for being a hot shot pilot. the f.a.a. are investigating him for landing on a runway in orange county. he flew over a boeing 737 with more than 100 people on board. that is a safety violation. ford had three other problems in the last 17 years. san francisco has topped the list of a new report on the healthiest cities in the country. the report was released by wallet hub. it looked at health care, food, fitness and green space. here are the top cities. salt lake city came in second after san francisco. followed by scottsdale, arizona, seattle and portland, oregon.
9:00 am
the unhealthiest city, detroit michigan. right behind it, brownsville, texas. memphis, tennessee. laredo, texas and shreveport, louisiana. >> a new show in berkeley highlights how americans are feeling before and after the 2016 election. >> and two san francisco police officers recognized for acts of heroism. >> the call came out across the radio that an officer was down. plus a community comes together when the oroville dam evacuation disrupts one couple's big wedding day. >> 9:00. a nice dry morning. taking a look at the bay area. a nice morning to cuddle up on the couch with your valentine's day bag and eat whatever candy your children left uneaten. i have two little boys in school. the amount of valentine's day candy that came home


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